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Where to Put Desk in a Small Bedroom[Answered]

Struggling to find the best desk position in your bedroom?

Read along to get where to put a desk in a small bedroom.

There are 3 things to concider before putting your desk:

  • Light Source
  • Space available
  • Sockets and Cables

1. Light Source

You need enought light so that you can work on your desk effectively.

Placing your desk close to a window will help you get as much natural lighting as possible.

Placing your desk perpendicular to the window is the best position. You get all the light and avoid glares and shadows.

You can also position your desk facing the window.

Don’t place your desk behind a window. The glare from the sun will be reflected from your computer. Also, your shadow will cover your writing materials.

Possible Solutions

a. Glare from the sun

  • Sunlight rays might reach your desk. Put a translucent curtain on the window. It will help diffuse the sulight.

b. Dim bedroom light

You might have to get additional lighting solutions to supplement your current bedroom lighting.

First, you can swap your current ceiling light with a brighter bulb.

Then, you invest in a desk lamp or a floor lamp to help you concentrate on tasks. It will provide enough light to keep your eyes from straining due to dim light.

Sockets and Cables

Cables lying on the floor are likely to cause trips and falls.

You should eliminate exposed cables on the pathway to your desk.

You might be tempted to think that you will remember where the cables are. Don’t.

The easiest solution is to put the desk against the wall with the socket. Your cables will be under the table or along the wall edge where there is zero risk of tripping someone.

But that is not always possible.

If you must run the cables across the room, place under the carpet or along the wall edges.

Possible Solutions

  • Put desk against wall with socket
  • Place cables under carpet
  • Put cables along wall edges

Space Available

If you have a bigger bedroom, you can put the desk furthest from the bed.

You can also put a curtain to seperate the bedroom from the desk workstation.

Smaller bedrooms require you to do a little bit more work.

The desk will be next to the bed for small square bedrooms.

For small narrow bedrooms, the desk can only be infront or behind the bed.

Possible Solutions

a. Reposition your bedroom furniture

Sometimes, repositioning the bed might create additional space where you can put your desk. You can also move the closet and other furniture to create additional space.

b. Move some of the furniture into other rooms

Move non-essential furniture from the bedroom. You can then have more space for a desk.

If the only space available is next to the bed, you have no option but to work with that.

c. Use unique storage

You can use storage solutions that use unused spaces in a clever way. Use storage solutions that uses the space under the bed and desk, on the wall. They will help you utilize your bedroom space efficiently.

How to Fit Desk and Bed in Small Room

You need to get a desk that will fit in the space available in the small room.

If your desk is small enough, try positioning the bed in different ways to see if the desk will fit in the remaining space.