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What Are IKEA Desks Made Of?[Answered]

IKEA desk

IKEA desks are made of a constructed board which is a combinations of various materials.

The desk top is made of fiberboard, acrylic paint, plastic edging, honeycomb structure paper filling, and particleboard. The legs are made with steel and have a plastic foot at the bottom.

What Are IKEA Desk Tops Made Of?

IKEA desk top is made of layers. The top and bottom layers are a strong fiberboard with an acrylic paint. The frame of the desk top is particle board with plastic edging. The rest of the table contains a honey comb structure with paper filings.

A twitter user went viral after posting cross-section pictures showing the inside of IKEA desks.

Thats why IKEA desks are strong and super light. IKEA is enviromentally concious and they are always trying to reduce their impact on the environement.

What Are IKEA Desk Legs Made Of?

IKEA desks are made of steel. They have an epoxy-polyester powder coating.

You will find a polypropylene plastic foot at the bottom of the legs.

What is the Linnmon Desk Made Of

The top of linnmon desk is made of fiberboard. It has a particleboard frame. The edges of the linnmon desk are made of plastic. The rest of the desk is a honey comb structure. The spaces inside the honey comb structure are filled with paper.