Minimum goal: my 1 year goal

Well, I bet you can write at least 100 words a day. My goal is not to write a lot of content. My goal is to be able to write daily for 365 days(1year). If that happens I will have developed a habit of writing daily. But why blogging? For me, writing is an important ingredient/tool of communicating what I am doing and the value I can provide.

Writing at least 100 words would require about 5-10 minutes of my day. I can promise to give 10 minutes of my schedule towards such an important goal.
To make this productive, I will not limit the topics which I can write about. If I can I will modify what I am writing to suit the audience.

A brain dump of Ideas I can write about on this journey.

  1. Minimum goals
  2. Life long goalPraxis founder talks of this idea of pursuing big goal that will motivate you and chunking it into these daily habits.
  3. Pursuing ambitious goalsGood goals are made with self knowledge of habits, things you love and hate and your big long term goals. (According to TedX)
  4. Great artist steal
  5. As a man thinketh.
  6. Learning and doing in 21st centuryNote takingCreating artifacts. Sharing what you learn. Praxis is a huge activist. Its called learning in the public. It requires some courage at the beginning but it signals authenticity. Listen to this video.

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