How to connect a keyboard to a smartphone

Smartphones have continued to increasingly become more powerful.

However, typing on a touchscreen is painfully slow for anyone who can touch type. A keyboard connected to your smartphone would magically improve your speed of typing.

How to connect a bluetooth keyboard to a smartphone

How to connect a wired keyboard to a smartphone

Requirements You will require:

  • OTG connector or cable
  • Your wired keyboard
  • Your smartphone

Connect the OTG connector to the USB cable of the keyboard. Connect the OTG connector to the phone.

The first time you do it, a pop up will appear and ask you to configure your keyboard. After you are done configuring the keyboard. You can use it. Now every time you connect your keyboard, you can start using it with no further setup.

Ensure your phone has enough power. The keyboard is getting its power from your phone. Ensure your phone has enough juice.

How to connect a 2.4GHz wifi Dongle keyboard to a smartphone