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How much does a good Computer Monitor Cost[Beginners Guide]

When setting up a home office, you will quickly discover that computer monitors are a must-have item.

After all, a desktop computer must use a monitor.

Also, you can use computer monitors to extend the screen space on laptops with smaller screens.

But how much does a decent computer monitor cost?

Naturally, finding the cost of computer monitors is the first step in finding a good computer monitor that will fit your needs.

Computer monitor Cost

The price of a decent computer monitor is $200 and $1000. For light office use, you can expect to spend $200 to $400.

If you perform graphic-intensive tasks like video editing or gaming, you are better off with a $350 to $700 monitor.

You can opt for a $650 to $1000 monitor if you have a bigger budget. Your monitor will have more features and bigger screen size.

Factors Affecting Cost of Computer Monitor

Monitor Display Type

Computer monitor display technology has been evolving since 1973.

Newer computer display types have more clarity and are on the cutting edge of technology. Therefore, they are more expensive.

OLED display monitors, the latest display type, are the most expensive. LED monitors cater to mid-range price customers. LCD and TFT monitors are more budget-friendly.

Monitor Size

Computer monitors have a wide range of sizes from 24 to 49 inches.

Smaller computer monitors are cheaper compared to larger computer monitors.

Most home office computers would benefit from a 24 to 42-inch computer monitor.

If that size is not adequate, you can get an additional computer monitor or another larger monitor.

Larger monitors with a size of 34 inches and higher, usually classified as ultrawide monitors have a higher price tag/ are more expensive.

Monitor Resolution

Monitors come with 8K, 4K, 1080P resolutions.

Monitors with 8K and 4K resolutions offer a clearer viewing experience and are more expensive.

1080P monitors are adequate for normal office use. They are also suitable for older computers and computers without additional stand-alone graphics cards.

Monitor Refresh Rates

Computer monitors have 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz, 180Hz, and 200Hz monitor refresh rates.

Monitors with higher refresh rates are more expensive.

Unless you do graphic-intensive tasks on your home office monitor, you don’t need very high refresh rates.

Add-on Features

Monitors with additional features like internal speakers, microphones, cameras will cost more than those that don’t.

Any additional feature that’s not in other monitors adds to the price of a computer monitor.


With the cost analysis above, you can set your budget and identify initial requirements for your next computer monitor.

Once you have your budget ready, you can read through the top 10 budget monitors for your home office.