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How are computer monitor screens measured?[Answered]

You can get your monitor screen size by measuring the diagonal distance between two opposite corners of the monitor in inches.

Computer Monitor Screen Measurement and Sizes

Whenever you buy a computer monitor, you will find its size indicated on its packaging.

It is usually a single number in inches which is the diagonal length of the monitor.

Computer monitor dimensions

This size is the diagonal distance in inches, between two corners. It is not its height or width.

You will find monitors with indicated sizes of 12 inches to 49 inches. It is the diagonal viewable screen size. It does not include the bezel(the frame around the computer monitor screen).

The ratio of width to height is also commonly displayed on the packaging. The most common monitor screen ratios are 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, and 1:1.

Sometimes, packaging may have the size of the monitor written in width, height, and thickness.

What is the Size of my Computer Monitor?

There are two methods you can use to get the correct size of your computer monitor

Using Computer monitor packaging

The easiest method is to check the monitor’s packaging box or the manual.

packaging image with size

Don’t worry if you have lost the monitor’s manual or the box.

Using Manufacturers Specifications

  1. Check computer model name and number. Most, if not all monitors, have the model name and number written prominently on the front or the back.
  2. Search online for the specifications of the monitor using the model name and number.

Direct measurement

  1. Take your tape measure. Ensure you are using the inches section.
  2. Line up the tape measure from one corner of the computer monitor screen to the opposite end. Make sure you don’t include the bezel frame surrounding the screen.
  3. The number you get is the correct size of your computer monitor.

The computer monitor screen size

The most common computer monitor scree sizes are between 21-inches to 49-inches. Smaller monitors are cheaper compared to wider monitors.

What is a good size for a computer monitor

The best size of a computer monitor depends on your current needs.

For light office use, a 17 to 24-inch monitor will be sufficient.

If you are a heavy computer user, go for a 27-inch monitor or bigger. You will benefit from all the extra screen real estate and avoid the frustration of using a smaller monitor.

Alternatively, you can use two monitors instead of getting a bigger screen.