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What Are IKEA Desks Made Of?[Answered]

IKEA desks are made of a constructed board which is a combinations of various materials. The desk top is made of fiberboard, acrylic paint, plastic edging, honeycomb structure paper filling, and particleboard. The legs are made with steel and have a plastic foot at the bottom. What Are IKEA Desk Tops Made Of? IKEA desk top is made of layers. The top and bottom layers are a strong fiberboard with... Read more

Where to Put Desk in a Small Bedroom[Answered]

Struggling to find the best desk position in your bedroom? Read along to get where to put a desk in a small bedroom. There are 3 things to concider before putting your desk: Light Source Space available Sockets and Cables 1. Light Source You need enought light so that you can work on your desk effectively. Placing your desk close to a window will help you get as much natural... Read more

How to Make a Home Office With no Space

Adequate home space is a challenge for a lot of people. Throw in a home office and you have a bigger challenge. However, every problems is an invitation to put on your thinking hat and solve it. 8 Ways to Create Home Office With No Space When you look around your house, does it look too full? You might be thinking that there is no space for a home office... Read more

Home Office Lighting Guide For Beginners[Everything You Need To Know]

Lighting is a key component of your home office. When you get it right, you will enjoy working in your home office. If you get it wrong, your productivity will drop drastically. By learning the basics of lighting, you can create the best home office to work in. What is Lighting in Home Office Lighting is the process of controlling the quantity, quality, and type of light in your home... Read more

Complete Guide to Set up a Home Office for Remote Work

Are you thinking of working remotely? A home office is a nessessity to get work done without pulling your hair in frustration. 7 Key Steps to Make a Great Home Office For Remote Work 1. Home Office Space To work remotely, you will need some space to perform your duties comfortably and efficiently. At the very least, you want enough space for a desk and a chair. You have two... Read more