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Should I Cover My Laptop Camera? [Answered With Solutions]

You don’t have to cover your laptop camera. Most of the time uncovered laptop cameras are safe. However, hackers can gain access to your camera and record your private moments. To prevent this, you can cover your laptop camera with an improvised piece of tape or buy and actual camera cover. The consensus from privacy and security experts is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Why Should I... Read more

How much does a good Computer Monitor Cost[Beginners Guide]

When setting up a home office, you will quickly discover that computer monitors are a must-have item. After all, a desktop computer must use a monitor. Also, you can use computer monitors to extend the screen space on laptops with smaller screens. But how much does a decent computer monitor cost? Naturally, finding the cost of computer monitors is the first step in finding a good computer monitor that will... Read more

How are computer monitor screens measured?[Answered]

You can get your monitor screen size by measuring the diagonal distance between two opposite corners of the monitor in inches. Computer Monitor Screen Measurement and Sizes Whenever you buy a computer monitor, you will find its size indicated on its packaging. It is usually a single number in inches which is the diagonal length of the monitor. This size is the diagonal distance in inches, between two corners. It... Read more

Can any monitor work with any computer?[Answered]

Any monitor can work with any computer that has been connected to it successfully. If you have an idle computer, you just need to get a monitor to use with your computer. While if you already have a monitor, you can grab a computer to use with your monitor. All you will need will be a suitable cable and you can start using your computer immediately. How Does Any Monitor... Read more

Are computer Keyboards Universal?[Answered]

All computer keyboards are universally compatible with all computers. This means that any keyboard will work with any computer. As long as you can connect the keyboard to the computer. How are computer Keyboards universal 1. Universal Keyboard Standard Keyboards have a standard protocol that enables them to communicate with the computer they are connected to. Due to this world wide standard, you can use any keyboard on your computer... Read more

3 Types of Computer For Your Home Office Use

Picking the best type of computer for your home office can enable you to complete your work faster and seamlessly. But, choosing a suitable computer can become confusing due to the large variety of available computers. The result can be decision paralysis, overspending, or buying what you don’t need. But, with some guidance, you can go from clueless to making informed decisions. By reading this guide, you will know which... Read more

How backlit keyboards works

Backlit keyboards are computer keyboards with light shining underneath the keys. The backlight enables the users to comfortably see the computer keys especially in the dark. With the backlight feature you can use your computer in dark or low light conditions. Backlit keyboards are quite popular with gamers. How do Backlight on the Keyboards Work Each backlit keyboard is fitted with some LED bulbs on one end beneath the keys... Read more

Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Work and Home Use

Whether you are at home or work, a wireless keyboard with touchpad can improve your productivity. It combines a mouse and a keyboard into one device. But, instead of a mouse, you have a touchpad like on a laptop. With this keyboard, you can operate your devices like a pro. You can control media on your computer, smart TV, and computer-connected TV at the comfort of your couch. This type... Read more

How to pair P47 wireless headphones

Pairing P47 headphones with your any of your devices is fairly straight forward. You can pair them to all your bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, laptops, TVs, tablets and even chromebooks. All you need is your device and the P47 headphones. So, dive in and connect them to your devices. How to Pair P47 Headphones with a Smartphone Turn on the headphones by pressing and holding the power button at... Read more

Does p47 wireless headphones have a mic?[Answered]

P47 headphones have an internal mic that you can use to answer phone calls and video calls. You cannot see the mic because its not on an external boom. Also, there is no hole or mic indicator on the P47 headphones. I can only assume the mic is inside the speakers holders cups. The audio from the microphone is loud enough for most uses but the quality is not that... Read more

Is a smartphone a computer? [Answered]

A smartphone is a hybrid between a computer and a mobile phone. That makes it a real computer with the added capabilities of a phone. With a smartphone, you can now do lots of tasks, that were only possible on a desktop or laptop computer. You can now get internet access, hold video conference calls, watch videos, edit documents, send emails, and so much more on a smartphone. How is... Read more

Do Wireless Mouse Use batteries?[Answered]

All wireless mice need batteries to work without being connected to the computer with cables. Some wireless mouse have internal rechargeable batteries while other have disposable batteries. As you already know a wireless moue can be connected to a computer without usb cable. They connect to the computer using bluetooth or wifi dongle that is plugged onto the laptop or desktop computer. What Batteries Do wireless Mouse Use The mouse... Read more

How to connect Any Keyboard to a Smartphone[Wired/ Bluetooth/ Dongle]

Using an physical computer keyboard, you can create a smooth typing experience on your smartphone. With a Wired or wireless keyboard connected to your smartphone, you can magically improve you typing speed. Your fast typing skills will be utilized on both your smartphone and desktop computer. So, How do you connect your smartphone to all the different types of keyboards? How to Connect a bluetooth Keyboard to a Smartphone To... Read more

How Multi Device Keyboard Works

Multi device keyboards are a special wireless computer keyboards that are able to pair and connect to more than one device simultaneously. With a multi device keyboard, you can stay connected to three devices in one go. Switching between the devices is also easy. Just press or turn the special button and you are connected to a different device. Yes, its that easy. No need to turn off the bluetooth... Read more