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Do Wireless Mouse Use batteries?[Answered]

All wireless mice need batteries to work without being connected to the computer with cables. Some wireless mouse have internal rechargeable batteries while other have disposable batteries.

Wireless mouse and batteries

As you already know a wireless moue can be connected to a computer without usb cable. They connect to the computer using bluetooth or wifi dongle that is plugged onto the laptop or desktop computer.

What Batteries Do wireless Mouse Use

The mouse needs some sort of power source to run its electronics. So what do they use?

1. Internal Reachargeable Batteries

Some mouse companies put a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB port on their mouse to solve for the power problem.

Internal Rechargeable battery

This works well enough. In most cases, you will need to recharge your mouse between 2 to 4 times every month.

Some mouse can still be used while charging, while other cannot due to the position of their charging ports.

2. Removable Batteries

Other companies opt to power their wireless mouse with AA or AAA removable batteries.

Removable Double A batteries

With removable batteries, you can choose to use rechargeable batteries. They are able to run the mouse between 2 to 4 weeks before requiring a recharge.

To charge this batteries, you will need to buy a compatible battery charger.

You will need to have an extra pair of batteries that are fully charged to swap with your drained batteries.

Otherwise you can use disposable batteries that usually power the wireless mice for longer periods.

Some companies even claim that a set of batteries can last for 6 months of normal use.

You disposable batteries can run out of power on awkward moments, so always have a backup incase things going wrong.

Is there a mouse that does not need batteries

Until recently, no company had found a way of creating a mouse that does not need batteries.

However, razor has come up with an innovative solution of using a powered mouse pad and a batteryless mouse.

The wireless mouse receives all its power from the mouse pad. The mouse pad gets all its power needs through the USB cable from the computer or any other USB power source.


If you don’t like opening stuff, get a rechargeable wireless mouse with internal battery.

You can choose a mouse with removable battery but still doesn’t want to frequently open the battery compartment, use disposable long lasting alkaline batteries.

However, If you don’t mind opening the mouse frequently, you can get rechargeable batteries.

If you like working with cutting edge technology, go for the batteryless mouse.