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Are computer Keyboards Universal?[Answered]

All computer keyboards are universally compatible with all computers. This means that any keyboard will work with any computer. As long as you can connect the keyboard to the computer.

Computer Keyboard

How are computer Keyboards universal

1. Universal Keyboard Standard

Keyboards have a standard protocol that enables them to communicate with the computer they are connected to. Due to this world wide standard, you can use any keyboard on your computer without wondering if it will work on your computer.

2. Universal Keyboard Connection

All Wired keyboards use standard USB cable to connect to the computer. Previously, they used to have a PS/2 connector cable. but those days are long gone, you will rarely find a keyboard with PS/2 connector.

Recently, companies have started making wired computer keyboards with USB-C cable. They work in the same way as the standard USB keyboards but have the USB type C connector.

Person using wired keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards use standard bluetooth connection to connect with any bluetooth-enabled computer. This means that if your computer is bluetooth-enabled, you can use a bluetooth keyboard on it.

3. Standard Keys Placement

Most computer keyboards have the standard QWERTY keyboard layout with numbers above the letters. As a user, you can easily switch from one keyboard to the next one due to this easy arrangement.


Although computer keyboards are compatible with each other, there are some minor variations based on: computer’s Operating System(OS), keyboard language, and size.

Keep these variations in mind so that you buy a keyboard that fits your needs.